There is absolutely no point in having a dairy feed supplier that cant deliver you dairy feed when you need it.  You know that every day that you cant feed your cows has a direct relationship on the amount of milk solids that end up in your tanker which affects the number of dollars in your pocket.  All it takes is 2 or 3 days of non delivery to eat up any saving that you thought you were making by going with that cheaper feed.

We will call you to remind you when we think you will need an order.  Just make sure we know how many kg/day/cow you are feeding and we will remind you, or you can have a set day and time that you receive your order every 2 weeks for example.

We guarantee that within 48 hours of placing your order you will either have your product in your silo or know a guaranteed time when it will get there.


  • We grow our own grain so we have constant supply.
  • We have our own storage so we control supply of ingredients.
  • We have our own feed mill so we control production.
  • We have our own bulk truck for bulk deliveries.
  • We have our own auger trucks for silo deliveries.
  • We bag our own feed on our own bagging line.



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