At Milkwel we understand that no two herds or farms are the same. You all have your own set of challenges and circumstances. A farm with hills will have completely different nutritional requirements to a farm on the flat. You may have different delivery systems for minerals, a feed pad versus a silo feed system. Access to maize, silage or root crops etc etc etc. The variables are endless.
This is why we work with your vet, nutritionist, farm advisor or we can help to design a feed for what you need.

Our strengths and point of difference are:

  • We will mix and pelletise specific for your farm. Mineral Premix’s, MgO, Zinc, Copper no problem.
  • We own our own trucks, both bulk and auger so we are fully in control when you get your deliveries. The tail doesn’t wag the dog here.
  • We are local. We are Tuakau based. If you’re closer to us then we’re likely to be more competitive than others.
  • We are a manufacturer and a supplier. We have better buying power and pass some of those savings onto you. Not all otherwise we wouldn’t be in business!
  • We are only looking for 20 -30 extra customers this year. We don’t want to take over the world. In this way we can make sure that our customers get the service that they deserve.

Below are some products which apply to different parts of the lactation cycle. All of which can be customised to your requirements.

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